Travelling With An E-Visa

If I remember correctly, my exposure to travelling to different locations for tourism began at two years of age when my parents traveled to Goa tugging me along on a cruise. While most kids and their parents traveled to grandparents’ home for summer vacations, my parents introduced a new destination every year.

Travelling to new places has not only opened my senses to new experiences but also whetted my appetite for exploring more far off lands. Soon I was sharing my travel stories with friends who would call me up to find out more about the places where I had traveled.

Two years ago in October 2014 I went for my first international trip to USA. I traveled extensively from east to west coast and visited everything from New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Detroit and Niagara Falls. I keep adding more stories to my Travel Tales From America  .

I remember travelling to New Delhi and waiting my turn for the five-minute interview of visa application! And just for that we had to take leave from our jobs, travel from one city to other, spend on stay, food and travel. Needless to say, our trip was exhausting and hassled.

However its a different story now and many countries have facilitated travel by accepting e-Visa applications. India is a treasure trove of heritage sites which depict the art and culture. The monuments scattered all over the country date back to 10th century(or may be older still) to 20th century, from temple, forts and palace architecture to somber British palatial bungalows, Parliament house, Gateways.

Poetry in stone at 11th century stepwell

Poetry in stone at 11th century stepwell

And the good news is that India has started offering e-visa. Citizens from more than 150 countries who wish to travel to India for periods up to 30 days can apply online for their tourist visa. One important thing however to remember is that of the 26 international airports in India only 16 airports offer e-Visa facility, namely: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Tiruchirapalli, Varanasi. Arriving on Indian soil via other airports, by land or by sea calls for a visit to Indian embassy and get the correct type of visa. This e-Visa is ONLY for airport arrivals.

e-Visa Applications for Tourists

One of the best implementation from governments globally is that you can now apply online for your tourist visas instead of applying at their embassies. You simply get an email with a PDF and the visa will be electronically linked to your passport. Off course there are some requirements but they are easy to meet. These requirements might include, passport copy, digital passport photo, travel itinerary, return flight uploads etc.

This is a of course great news for all those travelers who live far from the major cities where all the embassies are located, its saves you time and money!

Diverse countries like Cambodia, Australia, India and Kenya all offer e-visa applications online. You can check online to see if you qualify for the visa online by visiting iVisa today!

Other Countries that offer Electronic Tourist Visas

The Rep of Argentina has a Reciprocity Fee that has to be paid BEFORE ARRIVAL by all Canadians and Australians. Argentina also implemented an ETA payment online for all Chinese Citizens. They no longer have to go to an embassy, they can simply pay online. 

Photograph courtesy

Photograph courtesy iVisa


The Australian ETA (Electronic Tourist Authorization) is not available to all citizens but depending on your nationality you can get your tourist visa online in as few as 15 minutes. With this visa you will be able to stay for maximum of 90 days and you can do business and tourism related activities but not work.


The Kingdom of Bahrain also offers e-Visas to tourist from more than 100 countries. The visa application can take  anything from 3-5 business days to get approved so you should plan ahead for any delays.


Most international tourists can apply online for the tourist visa. With this visa you will be able to stay for up to 30 days in the country.


If your country is part of the Canadian Visa Waiver then you HAVE to pay the Canadian ETA before your arrival by air. You will not be allowed to board your flight to Canada without this document in hand. You can apply quickly here in case you want to travel there. You can visit iVisa to know more about the e-Visa.


International travelers can apply online for the Kenyan tourist visa. Be prepared for long waiting times as the approval can take up to 72 hours.

Photo courtesy iVisa

Photo courtesy iVisa


The Malaysian tourist visa is available ONLY to Chinese and Indian passport holders and can be paid online here.


If you visit Myanmar for less than 28 days, then you can apply for your visa online.

Sri Lanka

Every visitor to Sri Lanka is required to get a Sri Lanka ETA online prior to their arrival.


All tourists can apply for the Turkey tourist visa online by completing the simple form online.

United States of America

The US ESTA program is an entry requirement for visa-exempt nationals who will arrive by air. The document must be obtained online before you arrive to the United States.


Here you do not apply for a tourist visa, but a visa approval letter (also called a pre-approved visa on arrival) that will allow you to enter the country so that you can get your Vietnam visa on arrival.  Help is at hand with iVisa.

How can one apply online for this type of visa?

You can apply online from the comfort of your home in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: complete your application online.
Step 2: wait to receive your confirmation email. After the confirmation email you will receive another email with the visa. Print the visa document. Tip* Check your spam folder in case you did not get a confirmation email after 24 hours.*
Step 3: Take the printed document with you when you travel and show the visa at the airport check-in desk, and finally to a border or immigration’s officer.

It’s that simple. So next time, you come to the “Astonishing India” or the countries that offer e-Visa, don’t forget to apply online.


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I like to believe that I am a creative person. I read, write, paint, sketch, rustle up some quick and some elaborate meals for friends and family, love chess, su-doku and scrabble, can hum an old Hindi song tentatively, always stand up for women rights, hate fake people, bugs, roaches, spiders and cigarette smokers!! I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Architecture in 1998. Soon after, I married an officer in Indian Air Force and have been on move since then. For a brief time of two years when we were posted in Pune, I worked as a junior architect in a firm. Being aware of frequent movement that we would have to live with, I chose to be a homemaker and concentrated on creating a warm and welcoming home for my family. But sitting at home without any creative activity was not my cup of tea. I learnt candle making and soon put up an exhibition at Poona Club when my daughter was barely a year old. I also enjoyed a short stint as a home-based entrepreneur, supplying chocolates and cakes on demand, while we were posted in Bareilly. With an inclination towards writing, I completed a diploma in ‘Creative Writing in English’ from Symbiosis College of Distance Learning, Pune. Then I discovered the blogosphere. Now I hope to not only travel and share my experiences with the world but also to pen a book someday....
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