Kiradu Temple Ruins (Rajasthan)

Kiradu Temples (originally called Kiradkot) located 35kms from district Barmer, Rajasthan date back to 11th -12th century A.D. It was a complex of about 108 temples of which ruins of five survive. Muslim invaders raided, defaced the statues of Gods, mutilated the female figurines and destroyed the temple complex to pieces.

The temple complex was constructed from sandstone. The columns, capitals, cornices, column reliefs, ceilings…….each nook and corner is intricately carved and depicts scenes from the epics ”  Ramayana and Mahabharata” and the incarnations of “Lord Vishnu“. There are elaborate carvings of elephant and horse riders, war scenes and scenes from routine life of people. The larger of the surviving ruins is supposedly a dance hall for the king ‘s entertainment. There are carvings at places, of dinosaur look-alike and  creatures with dragon-face too.

According to a  lore popular among the local folks , a hermit cursed the city “Kiradkot”. He let one potter’s wife leave the town and warned her not to turn back but she did and turned into a stone statue which  might be somewhere on outskirts of the complex. However we, while visiting the temples, did not come across any life-size  female statue.

A beautiful place to visit and spend an evening soaking up the beauty of the stone carvings and reveling in the craftsmanship of ancient age.

About shoma abhyankar

I graduated as an architect but instead of spending hours in office I chose to paint, write, travel and be a stay-at-home mom to my precious daughter. Thanks to a loving husband(and earning too!!) I am able to do all of it. I did a creative writing course and hope to publish a book someday. Till then I hope to get read on these blogs ...
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6 Responses to Kiradu Temple Ruins (Rajasthan)

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  2. Kev says:

    Brilliant pics… reminds me somewhat of when I went to Ephesus. :)


  3. Uta Schröder says:

    These temples are really beautful!
    I like to use some of your images for academic purpose (phD thesis), if you agree with that.
    I didnt find any mail adress so I try to get in contact here.
    Could you reply via mail?
    Ms. Uta


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